Young Revolution

“Young Revolution” is a project idea formed around the principles of a buddy system. It takes this idea further by actually creating awards and accreditation for Young Volunteers to develop and expand their skills, though a structured training program. The young people felt that the program should be formed around their recent enjoyment of the 2012 & 2014 Olympic and Commonwealth Games by having Gold, Silver & Bronze accreditation awards that clearly developed their skills but also allowed for early engagement for members to participate in.

YOUNG REVOLUTION IS A LEADERSHIP PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Young Revolution is a leadership personal development programme providing young people the chance to develop RollaDome All Skates members with motivation and communication skills, how to mentor others and how to use leadership skills both in their Roller Skating clubs and day to day settings. The Program is aimed at not only developing skills and motivation to create and run RollaDomes Skating activities in the community but skills and qualifications that will be useful in their education and lifestyle. The programme includes modules in leadership qualifications suitable for members from 6 years old.

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